Small Golliwogs

  • "Molly Golly"

    Molly Golly is 4 inches tall made from velvet, wearing a cotton skirt and silk bow trim.

  • "Gilbert Golly"

    Gilbert Golly is 4 inches tall made from velvet, wearing cotton pants and silk bow tie.

  • Mini purse

    Super plush fabric with ultra suede trims, seed bead eyes, and synthetic hair. 4mm silk ribbon trim. Golly measures just over 3" tall and is an open edition.

  • "Tiny"

    Made from ultrasuede, he sits 1.5" tall.

  • "Tina"

    Made from ultrasuede, she sits 1.5" tall.

  • "Wally Golly"

    7" tall made from felt, wearing buttoned vest and coat with tails. Patent leather-style shoes with shot in his feet to make him stand well. Alternative colour options available. Please specify your preference. Open edition.

  • "Mr. Golly"

    7" tall from felt, sideway's glancing eyes, hand worked mouth. Cotton pants, ultra suede braces, laced black doll shoes. Available made up or in kit form. Open edition.

Other Golly Items

  • Mini wooden teaset

    Teapot with lid just over 1" high. Set includes teapot, 4 cups & saucers and 2" square presentation box (all hand painted with golly head design.) Red/blue/green bows.

  • Wooden Thimble

    1" tall hand-painted with golly head design. Red/blue/green bows.

  • Golly card #1

    Standard size with envelope. Blank card.

  • Golly card #5

    Designed in Australia Standard size with envelope. Blank card.

  • Golly magnet #2

    10 cm or 4" hand painted and available in a range of colours.

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All patterns and designs are original.

Collector's toy- Owing to their size and components, these toys are not safe for children.